About Us


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Damar Industrial Manufacturers started in 1998 when the manufacturers of the electrical component manufacturers needed an alternative supplier who could produce the components at a competitive price with assured quality.

A large range of specifically designed products are carried in stock and manufacture of products to client specifications, both with design and material are undertaken on demand. Damar manufacture all their components in house. All machinery needed is available from the lathes, CNC’s pressure die casting in zinc, aluminium and plastic, powder coating and also assembly of the products. This enables Damar to be able to supply on demand with an efficient and good turn about time. Stock of the products are carried by agents which results in good service and less loss of production. We have a trained work force who take great pride in producing products which are of the highest standards With the experience that the staff have of the products produced, the correct advise and guidance in choosing the right product for the job is part of our service. If the volumes are feasible we are in a position to manufacture any products to your design or specifications

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